How to Monetize Your Blog Through Advertising

Monetizing your blog or website doesn’t have to be so complicated. All it takes is a bit of work, dedication and perseverance and you may well be on your way to making a generous income with your site.

There are many methods you can use, but the key 소액결제 현금화 here is, what is good for you. Not every technique will work for you and some will work better than others. The solution is to try a few, track it, see what works and adjust accordingly.

Start with a Plan:

I know, ‘this is the boring part’. You just want to get into the nitty-gritty…I get it. But with any business (and yes, even your blog is your business if you haven’t figured it out by now), you have to have a plan. It doesn’t have to be this full-on elaborate business plan with charts and financials and all the bells and whistles. But you should have some sort of an idea on how you are going to work things out.

You need to be strategic with how you choose to monetize your site. But as I said before, what may work for me, may not work for you. So try different things on and see what fits. OK, let’s get started.

Here are just a few ways you can monetize your website or blog:

Advertising Programs:

There are various types of ads you can utilize to monetize your site. Three of the most prevalent ad types for online, are banner ads, text-link ads and contextual ads.

Google Adsense – Get paid for displaying targeted Google ads on your site (pay per click and pay per impression advertising). Many people have successfully earned income using this method. For it to really make a difference though, it helps if you have a substantial amount of traffic (that’s a whole other topic in itself).

ClickBank Hop Links – This is similar to Google AdSense except this method can be a lot more profitable if the offer matches your target traffic. Many vendors pay out from 50-75% commission. Hop Links are hot!

Many affiliates offer Banner Adthat you can place on your website or blog. Once you’ve applied to an Affiliate Program you will get directed to the programs interface where you can choose a banner size/type that is appropriate for your needs.

Affiliate Programs:

ClickBank focuses on digital products and is one of the largest and most popular sites, offering affiliate commissions, sometimes up to 80%!

PepperJam Network focuses more on physical products but also has a large selection of clients to choose from.

Commission Junction is yet another very popular Affiliate Network that hosts a large list of products and services of an advertiser in exchange for commissions.

Amazon Associates offers up to 15% in referral commissions from links placed on your site. Just make sure whichever products you are recommending, that they are relevant to your site’s content.

You can also check to see if an Affiliate Program is being offered directly through your site of interest. When searching for sites with Affiliate Programs, look for a link that reads something like ‘Affiliate Program’ or ‘Partnerships’. You will usually see a link at the very top of the page or at the footer.

-Sell Advertising Space:

This is can easily be done by adding a 125×125 banner on your site informing your visitors that you are selling ad space. Some services like AdveriseSpace offer a 70-80% revenue share!